Selected publications

    • Didelot G., Molinari F., Tchenio P., Comas D., Milhiet E., Munnich A., Colleaux L., Preat T. (2006). Tequila, a neurotrypsin ortholog, regulates long-term memory formation in Drosophila.1 2 Science 313(5788) : 851-853.


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Thomas Preat

2012 | Equipe membre de l’ENP (Ecole des Neurosciences de Paris Ile-de-France) 2012 | Thomas Preat membre de l’EMBO Equipe membre du Labex « (...) 

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Integrated analysis of olfactory memory in drosophila How are memories encoded in the brain? How do the different forms of memory interact? The (...) 

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