Our general research program is to understand how the brain controls motor activity and by what mechanisms aging or certain neurodegenerative pathologies such as Parkinson Disease , alter this function.

We seek to identify neuronal networks involved in the initiation and regulation of motor activity in Drosophila, as well as the mechanisms of Circadian modulation , under the control of our internal clocks .

Our approaches combine neurogenetics and brain imaging. The use of Drosophila is justified because its motricity is easily quantifiable and more and more evolved tools make it possible to follow or modify the activity of its neurons in vivo.

In addition, models of the major human neurodegenerative diseases have been developed and are currently being studied in this organism.

You will find more detailed information on our general approach and one of its recent spin in this interview .


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Selected publications

Rahmani, Z., Surabhi, S., Rojo-Cortés, F., Dulac, A., Jenny, A., Birman, S. (2022) Lamp1 deficiency enhances sensitivity to α-synuclein and (...) 

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Serge BIRMAN, Research Director at CNRS, is head of the Genes Circuits Rhythms and Neuropathology team. Researchers and Lecturers Serge BIRMAN (...) 

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Practical information

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Thomas PREAT
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Philippe FAURE
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Hélène Geoffroy
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Jeldy Cubas Hernandez
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